EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival is the premier global venue for award-winning equine film, television and alt-media that bring greater awareness and attention to the world of the horse.  EIFF strives to promote understanding of the unique relationship between horse and human,  to enhance the equine/human bond & to improve the welfare and well-being of the horse.  We welcome partners and friends from around the world.*

EIFF 2019
New Dates
March 14 – 17, 2019
Missoula, Montana

Healing, Hope and the Promise of the Horse/Human Bond

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EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival is the only international event of its kind, headquartered in the heart of the American West.  EIFF strives to spur international awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the world of the horse (and other equines) by recognizing and celebrating the talent, ideas and creativity of film, television and multi-media artists; to celebrate and highlight the significance of the equine/human bond; and to give a voice to worldwide efforts to improve the welfare and well-being of our equine partners.

*In order to continue to spread this message around the world, EIFF partners with organizations and other entities across the globe, helping them to bring these incredible equine films and issues to audiences worldwide.  We accomplish this through the EIFF “On the Trail” Post-Festival Tours.  Please contact us to learn more or to arrange a tour in your hometown.

The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival features a wide range of media programming on stories, topics and issues that bring awareness and understanding to the equine world.  EIFF celebrates the magnificence of the horse and the people who value and treasure the world of equus and devote their lives to giving a voice to horses and other equines on a global scale.

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