EQUUS International Sponsors

Mission EIFFThis is a unique and important film event and that fills a vital niche in equine welfare and the equine arena. For those who want to reach equine enthusiasts, advocates, riders and participants in new and unique ways, this event provides  that platform.  As EIFF continues to grow in global outreach and national and international impact, your audience reach will extend as well.   For those whose interests are devoted to all things equine, and with a deep understanding of the equine arena, this will become one of the most exciting and important events on the equine scene.  A touring EIFF will also soon be available to communities, cities, and groups nationwide and  worldwide.

If you love equines, enjoy film and television, and great story telling, we hope you will support the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival®.  You can make a difference and help us meet our mission, through your support of this international film event. Partnering and sponsoring the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival®, an education and outreach project of the not-for-profit, Horse Haven Montana, will make a difference and a good portion of your sponsorship support is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. EIFF® is a special project of Horse Haven Montana, a 501c3 not for profit equine organization.

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