About EIFF


The first all-equine international film festival and conference in the Northern Rockies, EIFF features films, television programs, and alt-media, that celebrate the equine arena.  Our mission — education and understanding to enhance the equine/human bond and to improve the welfare of  all equines  through excellence in film, television and other media.

EIFF Film Trailers

Hosted in historic Missoula, Montana, a city as well-known for horses as great mountain vistas and a downtown often called the “Paris of the West,” attendees enjoy cafes, breweries, funky and charming boutiques, beautiful vistas, and the incredible hiking trails that dot the downtown scene.  Nearby ranches, outdoor experiences, and nature round out the full Montana experience.


The Northern Rockies provide the perfect setting for horse films.  Speakers, panels and social gatherings are all part of this unique film event.  The theme of this year’s festival, “Healing & Hope, the Promise of the Equine/Human Bond, celebrates the incredible relationship we have with the horse, and the power of the horse to help us heal in so many ways.  But it is also a celebration of the wonder of this unique partnership and bond. 

Montana Horses

The first EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival® was held in 2011.  Since then, its slowly grown in its outreach.  Now it features a more far-reaching event with a strong Native American focus and a special focus on the origins of the horse and the impact of the horse on the human condition.  EIFF’s mission strives to promote  awareness and understanding of all equine issues, equine welfare, and the unique and important equine/human bond. 

The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival® is an education and outreach project of Horse Haven Montana, a not for profit equine rescue, adoption and education organization. 

Founder Janet Rose says she hopes that an event of this kind will help to raise awareness on critical equine issues, promote equine welfare, and enhance the relationship between horse and human.  Rose is a former Emmy award-winning television journalist and for over a decade developed and directed international film festivals.

The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival® brings focus, attention, awareness, inspiration, education, and entertainment to the equine arena.  Its goal – to provide a forum for discussion on critical equine issues, topics and stories and the many ways they incorporate the human condition — giving a voice to the equine world through media.  EIFF is also a showcase for the thousands of programs being made about equine issues and offers a window into the equine world.  EIFF provides a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse array of individuals and organizations — filmmakers, equine athletes, advocates, story tellers, companies and organizations with a shared interest and passion for all things equine.

Sophie accepting award for Best of Festival

We welcome your participation — as a filmmaker, equine professional, rider, horse enthusiast, sponsor, presenter, or simply a horse lover; as an equine vet, or as a therapeutic rider.  EIFF welcomes you!  Please visit our Sponsor Page to learn more about participation and support.  We would love to hear from you if you have a film or program with an equine focus or a presentation that you would like to share.  The festival provides an opportunity to showcaseJK with camera and view some of the world’s best equine programming, great story-telling and award-winning presentations.   It’s a time and a place to meet others who share your interests and to introduce audiences to your organization.

FinalLogoColor BigSkyTack revised 1_2017Partnerships are important.  As a Host Sponsor you have many opportunities to reach a wide range of demographics and audiences  — thousands of potential attendees, guests and supporters.  Our creative and dedicated team will work with you to make this event an unforgettable celebration of all things equine and to highlight your role.  If you are a filmmaker, producer, or other media-maker that works with equines or whose work features or puts the focus on equine topics, this is your film festival and your place to showcase your most creative, and important messages.  Please Join Us!